Inglot Lipstick Freedom System-34 Review & Swatches

Its been a week since my college resumed and it was pretty hectic one.Finally , I can sigh , as the much awaited Sunday has arrivedJumping for joy animated emoticon  . I had been longing to write this post from a long time but always found myself short of energy or time.So today I told myself that I will go to sleep only after writing it.

A couple of weeks back  I was watching TOIFA  &  saw Nargis Fakhri wearing this pink fuchsia lip color and from that time I wanted to own a shade just like her.


After much of googling   I came across this beautiful barbie pink color from inglot (no.34)and ordered it right away from

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Thy Great Eyelashes

As a kid whenever I used to watch cartoon I used to love the scene when  the cartoon prince used to  confess his love and in response  the shy princess used to flutter her thick voluminous long eyelashes. How I wished I was blessed with eyelashes same as her. Sadly , as I grew I faced the truth not all are blessed with it but luckily, man is super good at invention.

And thus was BORN mascara a blessing for women kind.

Blessing “really” ??? WEll not

The science behind it is that mascara is made up of wax , constantly coating eyelashes with it will dry them out, clog the follicles and weaken the lashes , ultimately leading  to lash bald condition ( falling of lashes ).


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My FAV ❤ : L’oreal paris super liner ultra precision BRUN/BROWN Liquid eyeliner Review & Swatch

Ohk lemme confess this I always used to get C grade in drawing . I am that bad at it !!!

Either I  used to trace or used to plead someone else to draw on my behalf. A straight line was a herculean task for me. Now you must wondering how is this related to the post.

Years went on and now I was playing with eyeliners but my problem still persisted.

either line went too thick or uneven I was in desperate need of a good eyeliner.I was treading in safe water and used pencil liners and avoided gel or liquid liner.

After playing with pencil , finally I got myself a liquid liner  from loreal

AND hands down  l’oreal super liner ultra precision BRUN/BROWN is the best .


after this bakwass lets straight come to the point

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