My FAV ❤ : L’oreal paris super liner ultra precision BRUN/BROWN Liquid eyeliner Review & Swatch

Ohk lemme confess this I always used to get C grade in drawing . I am that bad at it !!!

Either I  used to trace or used to plead someone else to draw on my behalf. A straight line was a herculean task for me. Now you must wondering how is this related to the post.

Years went on and now I was playing with eyeliners but my problem still persisted.

either line went too thick or uneven I was in desperate need of a good eyeliner.I was treading in safe water and used pencil liners and avoided gel or liquid liner.

After playing with pencil , finally I got myself a liquid liner  from loreal

AND hands down  l’oreal super liner ultra precision BRUN/BROWN is the best .


after this bakwass lets straight come to the point

No Bakwass SeeDhi Baat 

Packaging: I seriously admire the packaging the “gold look “really looks very classy.

Color & Pigmentation: Although we all love black but I wanted to try dark brown, it is superbly Pigmented and it really does look so natural it kind of blends with my brown eyes.


Staying: In my experience this one stays all day long until & unless you decide to rub it or touch it water and lemme come to the best part there is no breakage and even line. I remember long time before,  for school functions I used to use lakme eyeliner after several hours there used to be this broken line & falling dried liner.This is not the case with this.

Applicator:It has this thin sponge tipped applicator which makes it really easy to draw precise strokes

Price: This is the only thing which pinches me. This costs INR 625 . I agree its expensive but it is such a great eyeliner so I will possibly ignore the price , for the value I am getting from it

Next On the list : an evergreen  Blackest black eyeliner.


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