Thy Great Eyelashes

As a kid whenever I used to watch cartoon I used to love the scene when  the cartoon prince used to  confess his love and in response  the shy princess used to flutter her thick voluminous long eyelashes. How I wished I was blessed with eyelashes same as her. Sadly , as I grew I faced the truth not all are blessed with it but luckily, man is super good at invention.

And thus was BORN mascara a blessing for women kind.

Blessing “really” ??? WEll not

The science behind it is that mascara is made up of wax , constantly coating eyelashes with it will dry them out, clog the follicles and weaken the lashes , ultimately leading  to lash bald condition ( falling of lashes ).


So what options we Girls are left with …scroll down to know 

1. I swear by the warm mixture of three fourth castor oil (cold pressed & Hexane free ) & one fourth rosemary oil. It is most natural and safe to use to promote eyelashes growth. Incase you looking for substitute for castor oil , you can reach out for olive oil , coconut oil, almond oil & Vit e oil.

NOTE :  put it maximum for an hour and then wash it with water otherwise it will do other way round as this can also lead to clogging of follicles and stunt the growth & we surely don’t want that.

2. Use Bimatropost .03 % solution  externally on eyelashes for a period of 12 weeks.It works in 2 phases , in phase one it will increase the length and in next phase it will increase the growth.

3.Increase intake of vitamin B commonly found in foods such as leafy green vegetables,amonds , walnuts, raw egg yolks  or take  Biotin pills .

New folder

4. Some people use vaseline instead of mascara but then they are forgetting vaseline in first place is a petroleum product which is main constituent of mascara so kindly avoid it .

5. Lastly , if the above steps are time consuming or messy you can always resort to fake eyelashes & have Thy Great Eyelashes.


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