Inglot Lipstick Freedom System-34 Review & Swatches

Its been a week since my college resumed and it was pretty hectic one.Finally , I can sigh , as the much awaited Sunday has arrivedJumping for joy animated emoticon  . I had been longing to write this post from a long time but always found myself short of energy or time.So today I told myself that I will go to sleep only after writing it.

A couple of weeks back  I was watching TOIFA  &  saw Nargis Fakhri wearing this pink fuchsia lip color and from that time I wanted to own a shade just like her.


After much of googling   I came across this beautiful barbie pink color from inglot (no.34)and ordered it right away from

Now coming to the review 

1.Cost Factor : Its super cheap . at just INR 250 its a steal !!

2.Color : Its beautiful bright lil neonish pink , and will look particularly rocking at night.It is opaque and will cover pigmented lips quite well.

inglot freedom round  lipstick 34

3.Staying power & Texture : It stays like a matte lipstick( for 2+hrs) & still so creamy and buttery soft. I like it better when it fades after an hour or so because then it looks so natural yet pretty

4.Best Part : Apart from not drilling hole in the pocket , Inglot lippies are also free from paraben

5.Availability: Not easily available. Inglot stores are very much limited in number and online shopping is a better option although you cant see the real color of the lippies on the majorbrands site.

6.Brush :Some of you may prefer using a lip brush for better coverage but I am okey using fingers

7 Next on my Buy list : shade 51 from the inglot series ,  which is a pretty rose color

BTW I forgot to mention this I really hate ” numbering the lippie ” logic  why dont they come up

with cute names instead !! 


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