Review : Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara 61 ULTRA BLACK

Hey all Pretty Girls

First of all apologies for coming up with a post after almost a month & half

I was down with severe viral, had pending college assignments because of my absence due to viral and then came every students nightmare my exams phew!!!. I was stuck in this cycle and found it really difficult to take out time , but now I am pretty determined to at least make 1 post per week , Come what may be.

Enough of my ramblings and lets talk about today’s  post about the Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara 61 ULTRA BLACK

This is the first mascara I ever used and I have  a love hate relation with it , very much in the same order after first application of it I love it for giving me wide eyes with black voluminous lashes and later hate it for smudging,spreading and giving me panda eyes.

I purchased it online six months back from for Rs.333 pretty cheap considering the fact its a bourjois paris product


Claims of the mascara:




The Ultra Black edition of Volume Glamour mascara: enriched with black mineral pigments for the ultimate in glamourous lashes.
Its formula enriched with silicone and natural wax provides 50% more volume!
What’s more, its full roller brush allows for precise application without clumps.


 For me personally all the Bourjois products score great on packaging.They come up in such cute shapes.

This one resembles the curves of woman.

The applicator wand is round which makes the application part easy for novice like me.

Ok is the word to describe it.

It does not do the exceptional work of adding volume in one coat as claimed above

but if you are like me who prefer a bit natural look rather than made up it does decent job.


like all other mascara it does clumps, so to avoid that , before applying it I tend to remove the excess product from the wand.

What I really admire about it , is that it doesn’t irritate the eyes , usually even the best products irritate my highly sensitives eyes so yes I like it for being soft on my eyes.

I have already mentioned that few hours down the line it smudges and spreads and this problem aggregates if I apply more than 1 coat & it seems as if I didn’t get to sleep for many nights.

In nutshell its not that great product, an average product at a reasonable price

There is more better products available in the market and definitely you wont miss it if u don’t buy it,Better Skip it.

Coming up next: 

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